Monday, June 8, 2009

Whew! It's done!

I'll try to get some photos - I should have done some "before" shots for reference. I'm happy with what I accomplished. Part of that being to get my most important things up from the floor or into plastic (waterproof) bins. My parents recently had a basement flood. Everything on the floor and up one foot was soaked. It was a sprinkler system problem. It could happen to anyone. I realized that some of my scrapbooks were less than one foot above the floor - and it was important to me to have them better protected. Some of my papers are still down that low, I just realized. I might need to do more moving. Stamps would do better than paper in a flood. Anyway! It took the better part of three days, but I had them to spend, and am gloriously happy to have spent the time, and to have a workable space again. I moved a ton of things around and consolidated a great deal. I got rid of things which are no longer pertinent to my current life. You don't need business items when you aren't running a business. That gave me some extra room, and made more shifting possible. I also recognized that I could put some things in closer proximity, and that they would make much more sense that way. It's funny how some time away from things can make things clear, and almost OBVIOUS in terms of what needs to be done. 
Clarity is something I hope to gain more and more of as the months go by. 

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