Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Grand Ball - May 1987

Scrapbooks are therapeutic to me, especially when I am finally able to preserve something like this, the equivalent of a "Debutante Ball" when I was a mere 17 years old. (Okay, I WAS going on 18 by this time.) Still, my oldest is now less than 6 years from 18. It's great to look back at that reality, so different from my life now. It's even more amazing to know that the life I'm living now was already present (at least parts of it) in her mind. I thought I had a lot to offer then, now I know that it's true.

January Cards

Boy, 12 years old, revels in Mother's Craftinness!

Well, it ought to be a headline somewhere, shouldn't it? How was this miracle worked, you ask? It is, in truth, fairly simple. Like most miracles - a need was at its heart. The Boy needed dividers for his binder. He's learning to organize his school things, and not a moment too soon since Jr. High will be upon us in 8 months. At the store, Mother was unable to find the dividers - they were sold out. At first Mother was a bit frustrated, but only until she remembered that:
a) There was, at home, every item needed to create an incredible assortment of dividers.
b) Among the needed items, there happened to be an assortment of papers designed by herself and the Boy's father.
c) Said papers had been designed with THE BOY in mind - making them just hip enough and cool enough to be seen in the binder by his friends.
When all of the pieces came together, the Boy was so excited his mood was elevated for an entire morning. (Note that this IS the miracle in all of this.) He skipped off to school much happier than he had been in weeks, literally. And of course, Mother was happy, too.
Below is an image of the complete set of papers we designed - obviously, it was the "boy stuff" he liked.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Baby Boy Card

This is a card that I made for my cousin - and her soon to be twin boys. I drew my inspiration from Debbie Olson's card which you can find here.

Mini album for my Dad - April 2007

This project won a contest at Stampin' Up! and was published in 2007


From September 2007

Beach Beauty

From September 2007

As Rose is a Rose

From September 2007

Happy Paisley

From Spring 2007

T & his Witchy Friend

From September 2007


An altered Steno Pad: September 2007
Paper by My Mind's Eye, Stamps, Inks & Ribbon by Stampin' Up!
Wire turned by MOI

C's Birthday Invitations

From August of 2007 - I used a 1 1/4" circle punch to create the giant ticket corners.
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